Sunday, September 18, 2016

Let make Whiteboard animation?

Something to promote, explain or clarify? A whiteboard animation can help. In this article, a brief explanation with tips on the making of whiteboard animation, or speedcartooning scribe or live entertainment. A style that is popular with explanimations and explaner videos. And of course known of the Dilbert comic strips in DWDD.

A whiteboard animation is a video in which it promoted something is explained or clarified. And that in the form of a whiteboard which will signed with a pen while you hear a voice-over in most cases. This whiteboard video in style is popular because many can be told in a short time in conjunction with images that are drawn at that time. The combination of the whiteboard drawing and voice-over fit well and provide a successful story which comes in the mind of your audience.

The whiteboard animation is a style that can be applied in different types of videos with different goals. Lucan and Lionel have access to the right specialists to make your wishes and goals in the field of animation and video for you fulfilled. The whiteboard animation is just an animation style and thereby a means to achieve your goals. You need to reach the right audience. And we want to help you!

Cost whiteboard animation

There are, as with every kind of entertainment, hundreds of possibilities when creating a whiteboard animation. The exact price depends on things like the style, use of voice over and the length of the video. The making of a good whiteboard animation does not have to be expensive.

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Tips for a good whiteboard animation

The force, while the most important tip of the making of a good whiteboard animation lies in the combination between the voice-over and the image is thereby drawn. Therefore provide a good professional voice-over before you start drawing. The same careful preparation is important in the drawings. Although you do not look down on, many whiteboard animation nowadays digitally. So you have as a draftsman and animator even more control over your drawings and it is easier for the customer to change things later. It is wise to beware of the last to join the drawings, voiceover and any sound together in an animation.